Lucent Sky AVM 4.0.1 released
Feb 1, 2017

Lucent Sky AVM 4.0.1 is the first maintenance release of Lucent Sky AVM 4, including planned features that were not included in v4.0, hotfixes, as well as bringing support for Windows Server 2016 and MSBuild 15.

Lucent Sky AVM 4 released
Jan 9, 2017

Lucent Sky AVM 4 is the first major release of 2017, bringing a new mitigation engine with enhanced coverage and accuracy. Also included is support for three new technology stacks - C/C++, Swift and Active Server Pages.

Lucent Sky AVM 3.9.1 released
Nov 30, 2016

Lucent Sky AVM 3.9.1 is the maintenance release, focusing on ironing out several issues in the previous release. Improvements include fine-tuning the 3rd generation mitigation engine, support of identifying and remediating Trust Boundary Violation issues, and a bug fix to the Java analysis engine.

Lucent Sky AVM 3.9 released
Oct 31, 2016

Lucent Sky AVM 3.9 is the second milestone release as we get ready for the next major update - Lucent Sky AVM 4. In this release we continue to improve the third generation mitigation engine, available to customers who are in the Lucent Sky AVM Preview Program. Some of these improvements were also implemented to the current mitigation engine to improve its mitigation efficiency. In addition, the network stack of CLEAR Engine, the Web UI and IDE plug-ins were also updated.

Lucent Sky AVM 3.8 released
Oct 1, 2016

Lucent Sky AVM 3.8 is the first milestone release as we get ready for the next major update - Lucent Sky AVM 4. At the core of this milestone release is a preview of the third generation of the mitigation engine. Built on Lucent Sky's proprietary mitigation technology, the new mitigation engine is expected to expand the types of vulnerabilities that can be automatically remediated and enhance the accuracy and precision of the remediation, while increasing the performance and memory management when mitigating applications with a large number of vulnerabilities. As a preview, the third generation mitigation engine is available in Lucent Sky AVM 3.8 to participants of the Lucent Sky AVM Preview Program, and can be enabled or disabled per-server, per-application or per-scan. If you haven't joined the Lucent Sky AVM Preview Program, you can learn more about it. In addition to the preview, improvements to the current mitigation engine and new vulnerability vector classifications were also included in Lucent Sky AVM 3.8.

Lucent Sky AVM 3.7 released
Sep 1, 2016

As the second part of a series of performance-focused updates, Lucent Sky AVM 3.7 brings performance improvements to the analysis engine. Improved caching and parallel processing algorithms were added to the contextual analysis engine, and analysis performance will be noticeably improved on most applications. Web UI also received several improvements, such as result suppression functionalities and source code archive validation.

Lucent Sky AVM 3.6 released
Aug 1, 2016

As the first part of a series of performance-focused updates, Lucent Sky AVM 3.6 brings performance and reliability improvements to the mitigation engine. Vulnerability mitigation is up to 20% faster across all supported technology stacks. The algorithm used to calculate confidence score of Instant Fixes was also updated to provide more accurate scoring. Also included were several bug fixes that addressed issues in the previous releases.

Lucent Sky AVM 3.5 released
Jul 1, 2016

Lucent Sky AVM 3.5 is the second major update of the year, which brings updates to the mitigation algorithms (including a general availability update and a preview update) and improvements on analysis on mobile apps. Also included are minor UI updates.

Introducing Lucent Sky AVM Preview Program
Jun 24, 2016

Ahead of the release of Lucent Sky AVM 3.5 next week, we are introducing the Lucent Sky AVM Preview Program. The Preview Program enables users to experience and try out the latest in application vulnerability mitigation technologies, while maintaining the reliability they have come to expect from Lucent Sky AVM.

All Lucent Sky AVM users with a valid subscription are eligible to join the Preview Program, and can enable preview features in their Lucent Sky AVM instances once they have received a preview-enabled license. Users with Enterprise Edition licenses can also request addition licenses (without consuming their license quota) that allow for installation of additional preview instances.

Lucent Sky AVM 3.4 released
Jun 1, 2016

Lucent Sky AVM 3.4 consists the result of months of engineering efforts that aimed to make Lucent Sky AVM more memory efficient, and improvements on ASP.NET compilation error tolerance. Also included are IDE plug-in updates that consolidate improvements made over the past four months.

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