Lucent Sky AVM 4.8 released
Dec 1, 2017

Lucent Sky AVM 4.8 is the second of the two releases as we get ready for v5.0. This release brings improvements and fixes to the remediation algorithms, reporting, analysis engines, custom runtime and interface.

Lucent Sky AVM 4.7 released
Oct 30, 2017

Lucent Sky AVM 4.7 is the first of the two releases as we get ready for v5.0. The foci of this release include performance improvements, remediation suggestions and improvements of remediation algorithms.

Lucent Sky AVM 4.6.1 released
Sep 29, 2017

Lucent Sky AVM 4.6.1 is a maintenance release. Included in this release are analysis engine improvements for .NET and Java applications, broader rule package customization support, and database performance improvements.

Lucent Sky AVM 4.6 released
Sep 5, 2017

In the second half of 2017, our foci on Lucent Sky AVM are better, broader vulnerability remediation and faster, more scalable scan performance, by taking advantage of the new analysis and remediation engines introduced in the last release. Lucent Sky AVM 4.6 provides enhancements in these two areas through a new branch of the remediation engine that generates context-aware vulnerability remediation for insecure design issues, and a new intelligent scan algorithm that improves intelligent scan coverage to more applications.

Lucent Sky AVM 4.5 released
Aug 15, 2017

The first major release in 2017, Lucent Sky AVM 4.5 formally introduces our second-generation source code analysis engine and third-generation remediation engine. These two engine upgrades are based on 5 months of engineering effort, and will enhance the scalability, compatibility and reliability of scans across all supported technology stacks.

The second-generation code analysis engine has been available as a preview feature since the last release, while the third-generation remediation engine is new to this release. Starting with v4.5, scans will use the new source code analysis engine and the new remediation engine by default, while previous generation engines are available in legacy mode.

Lucent Sky AVM 4.3 released
Jun 23, 2017

Lucent Sky AVM 4.3 is a preview release for the upcoming Lucent Sky AVM 4.5. It contains the second and primary phase of the second-generation source code analysis engine, which allows for greatly improved accuracy in source code analysis, contextual analysis and the resulting remediation. Additionally, it comes with performance improvements and bug fixes.

With this update, we have passed the "point of no return" for the second-generation source code analysis engine, where the current, first-generation source code analysis engine will no longer receive updates made to the second-generation engine. Starting with v4.3, both engines will co-exist, while the second-generation engine will be used when preview is enabled. You can learn more about and join the Lucent Sky AVM Preview Program in the blog post Introducing Lucent Sky AVM Preview Program.

Lucent Sky AVM 4.2 released
May 4, 2017

Lucent Sky AVM 4.2 is a feature update. This release includes the second-generation source code analysis engine, which allows improved analysis performance. This is the first of a total three phases of the new source code analysis engine, with additional capabilities and improvements scheduled to be added over the next two releases. Additionally, a new encoding detection algorithm, regionally-customized identification rules and bug fixes are also included in this release.

Lucent Sky AVM 4.1.1 released
Mar 31, 2017

Lucent Sky AVM 4.1.1 is a maintenance release. This release is focused on improvements on the CLI, web UI and IDE plug-ins. Also included are CLEAR Engine improvements on PHP mitigation, as well as several bug fixes on compilation and report generation.

Lucent Sky AVM 4.1 released
Mar 10, 2017

Lucent Sky AVM 4.1 is a release that focuses on efficiency and aim to streamline new features and capabilities introduced in v4. Notable changes including Intelligent Analysis and additional asynchronous methods in CLI and Web UI.

Evaluating Cloudbleed's impact on Lucent Sky services
Mar 1, 2017

Last Thursday Cloudflare disclosed on a bug in Cloudflare's parser that caused data flowing through Cloudflare's network to be leaked onto the Internet. The bug has been dubbed "Cloudbleed" and has received extensive coverage. As a Cloudflare customer, Lucent Sky's security team sprang into action to evaluate Cloudbleed's impact on Lucent Sky services and customers' data. After investigation, we were able to confirm that no cloud-based Lucent Sky AVM servers were impacted by Cloudbleed, while no sensitive data on websites were leaked.


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