Lucent Sky AVM's comprehensive APIs easily adapt into your current process or system. We have pre-built integrations for many popular developer tools that require little or no additional coding.


Lucent Sky AVM's APIs are well documented and entirely open. You have access to the exact same set of APIs that Lucent Sky engineers use to build the front-end of Lucent Sky AVM.

If you don't want to code, you can also use the AVM CLI for scriptable access of Lucent Sky AVM. To learn more about how to integrate Lucent Sky AVM with your toolchain, visit Lucent Sky Support.

If you're interested in providing Lucent Sky AVM integrations within your products, we're here to help.


Lucent Sky AVM integrates with many developer tools. Here are a few examples:
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Application Lifecycle Management

Application Performance Management

Cloud Computing

Integrated Development Environments

Revision Control

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