Try Lucent Sky AVM
Fix security vulnerabilities
early in your SDLC
in the source code
not just find. Fix

Release secure applications on time

Code moving from development to security testing to development and back is a time consuming and costly process.

Lucent Sky AVM speeds up the pace by fixing vulnerabilities during development.

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Bring efficiency to your SDLC

Lucent Sky AVM fixes vulnerabilities in the source code, and allows every part of the SDLC to work closer and faster.

Reduce the number of vulnerabilities. Release secure applications, faster.

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accelerate vulnerability mitigation
mitigating up to 200 vulnerabilities per second
increase code quality
supporting .NET, Java and PHP applications
reduce known risks
including OWSAP Top 10 and SANS Top 25

Make secure code a development priority, rather than a testing issue.

Lucent Sky AVM allows us to secure the mobile banking website without risking IP exposure and unauthorized source code modification.
— Jerry, Chief Security Officer, a Forbes Global 2000 company