We help companies save time and money and increase product quality by fixing source code vulnerabilities. It’s that simple.

  • First, scan source code and generate "instant fixes" for each vulnerability
  • Then, choose which vulnerabilities to mitigate, by line or by category

Use Lucent Sky AVM before testing and deployment. We can automate up to 90% of source code vulnerabilities, meaning you can get your next great feature or product online faster.

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Many varieties of vulnerability in web application source code serve as entry points for hackers, who can use them to penetrate internal networks or attack application users.

Lucent Sky AVM finds and fixes these vulnerabilities. It's our speciality, so it doesn't have to be yours.

Solving source code vulnerabilities can take up to 46 minutes per vulnerability. We spend seconds fixing each vulnerability so you don’t have to spend hours.

We call that a good ROI.

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percent of web applications are vulnerable to data theft
billion are lost every year because of insecure applications
is the cost to fix a single vulnerability in a web application
time saving
mitigates up to 200 vulnerabilities per second
reducing cost
mitigates each vulnerability for less than $2
private + secure
AVM is software and doesn't gossip
Lucent Sky AVM allows us to secure the mobile banking website without risking IP exposure and unauthorized source code modification.
— Jerry, Chief Security Officer, a Forbes Global 2000 company