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We find and fix source code vulnerabilities before code goes to testing. It’s that simple.

  1. Scan application source code
  2. Instant Fix is generated for each vulnerability
  3. Review the Instant Fixes and apply them one-by-one, or have Lucent Sky AVM apply them automatically

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Use Lucent Sky AVM during development and before testing and deployment. It can automate up to 90% of source code vulnerabilities, meaning you can get your next great feature or product online faster.

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applications secured
vulnerabilities fixed
customer cost saved

Mitigate vulnerabilities as they're written

By fixing vulnerabilities at where they're produced, software development, Lucent Sky AVM can greatly speed up the pace between development and security testing. On average, our users report a 80% reduction of "ping-pong's" between development team and security team after using integrating Lucent Sky AVM with SDLC.

It works with the dev tools you already use

Every developer wants to work in their comfort zone, and that's why we made Lucent Sky AVM integrate with the dev tools you already use, such as Visual Studio, Git, Maven or Jenkins. You can also integrate you custom build systems with Lucent Sky AVM using its CLI or API.

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accelerate vulnerability mitigation
mitigating up to 200 vulnerabilities per second
increase code quality
supporting .NET, Java and PHP applications
reduce known risks
including OWSAP Top 10 and SANS Top 25

Make secure code a development priority, rather than a testing issue.

Lucent Sky AVM helped us fix all vulnerabilities from three websites in eight minutes, which usually takes a small team of developers three to four weeks.
— Danny, Chief Information Officer, a FORTUNE Global 500 company