Customer Stories

"Lucent Sky AVM allows us to secure the mobile banking website without risking IP exposure and unauthorized source code modification."

 - Jerry, Chief Security Officer of a Forbes Global 2000 bank

This financial service company is aware of that their mobile banking website is vulnerable, but has no developer to fix it. Outsourcing the fix is not possible as it might risk exposure of sensitive code. Utilizing an on-premise Lucent Sky AVM server, they successfully secured the mobile banking website without any external involvement.

“Lucent Sky AVM helped us fix all vulnerabilities from three websites in eight minutes, which usually takes a small team of developers three to four weeks.”

 - Danny, Chief Information Officer of a Fortune Global 500 company

This raw materials company has a dedicated application team and most of the IT systems are developed in-house. With millions line of code and several updates across systems every day, maintaining the security of all the applications took a large chunk of time of the developers. After implementing Lucent Sky AVM, new builds are automatically secured as they’re compiled, and greatly reducing the workload of developers and QA engineers.

“The innovative approach of Lucent Sky AVM allows our consultants to further help clients mitigate their applications after security audits.”

 - Kent, Managing Director of a multinational consultancy

This IT consulting company provides security auditing and consulting services to numerous customers in Asia Pacific. By implementing Lucent Sky AVM, they are able to speed up the mitigation process by 600%, no longer leaving clients to figure out mitigation for themselves.

“As all our products are SaaS based, security is our top priority. Lucent Sky AVM is an integral part of our SDLC and helps us minimize vulnerability and shorten response time for incidences.”

 - Aaron, Chief Executive Officer of a Device Management start-up

This software company provides SaaS based enterprise device management services, so security has never been an afterthought. To enable rapid product updates while maintaining security, they integrated Lucent Sky AVM into the software development lifecycle to help ensure the security of both its own code and 3rd-party libraries.

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