Lucent Sky designs tools to accelerate and scale application security processes.
The company was founded in 2012 to enable organizations to start application
security early and throughout the software development lifecycle.

Our flagship product, Lucent Sky AVM, is a software developer tool that not only finds, but automatically fixes security issues in the source code. Applications are scanned, vulnerabilities are remediated, and secured source code is sent back for testing and deployment.
Our headquarters is in San Francisco with a regional office in Taipei, and we serve customers around the world.


  • Introduces real-time intelligence, enahcing vulnerability remediation, dependency analysis and update guidance with localized machine-learning and real-time threat intelligence.
  • Introduces software composition and dependency analysis
  • Lucent Sky AVM support for Go
  • Lucent Sky provides over 200 free vulnerability remediation scans to hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Introduces forth-generation remediation engine
  • Lucent Sky AVM support for ECMAScript
  • Lucent Sky AVM has helped our customers secured more than 5,000 applications
  • Introduces the third-generation binary analysis engine
  • Lucent Sky AVM support for Python
  • Inroduces the second-generation source code analysis engine, CLEAR Engine API 2.0, and context-aware remediation suggestions
  • Lucent Sky AVM support for ASP, C/C++, and Swift
  • The third-generation remediation engine is generally available
  • Lucent Sky AVM has remediated more than one million vulnerabilities
  • Introduces the second-generation remediation engine
  • Introduces Lucent Sky AVM preview program, allowing customers to experience the third-generation remediation engine
  • Introduces hybrid analysis, a collection of analysis engines that intelligently combine the results of binary analysis and source code analysis
  • Lucent Sky AVM support for Android and iOS apps
  • Lucent Sky AVM is certified to be CWE-Compatible
  • Lucent Sky AVM has scanned its 1,000th applications
  • Lucent Sky AVM support for Java and PHP applications
  • Lucent Sky AVM introduces On-demand servicing – a one-time AVM deployment on a private and secure SaaS architecture
  • Introduces Lucent Sky AVM Enterprise – a subscription edition made 12 times faster than Lucent Sky AVM Standard through the use of GPU computing
  • Lucent Sky is founded in California, along with a regional office in Taiwan
  • Lucent Sky AVM is introduced – the world's first commercial automatic AVM solution
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