Lucent Sky AVM by the Numbers

applications secured
vulnerabilities fixed
customer cost saved

We save the time, money, and headache of removing source code vulnerabilities.

Lucent Sky helps organizations produce and deploy timely and secured code by automating the process of finding and fixing application vulnerabilities. We reduce the back and forth between stakeholders, and remove the process and technical hurdles of scaling remediation. Lucent Sky AVM equips team to produce secure code, faster.

Our holistic value is streamlining the vulnerability removal process. If you want to quantify the value, the numbers are pretty great, too.

Use our ROI calculator to see the time and money you can save with Lucent Sky AVM.

Lucent Sky ROI Calculator

Number of applications/websites you have
Average application size (lines of code)

Using Lucent Sky AVM could save your organization:
$0 and 0 programming days on vulnerability management and remediation annually.

Estimations are based on data from Acunetix, Ponemon Institute, Symantec, and WhiteHat Security.

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