Let's Make Security Simple

Lucent Sky designs application security and performance software, such as Lucent Sky AVM. We focus on making application security simple, integral and manageable. Our headquarters is in San Francisco, with a regional office in Taipei.

Lucent Sky AVM is an application vulnerability mitigation system. With just a few mouse clicks, Lucent Sky AVM will go through an application's source code, find and fix problems that hackers can exploit, and then deliver the secured source code back to the user for deployment.


  • Lucent Sky is founded in California, along with a regional office in Taiwan
  • Lucent Sky AVM is introduced, the world's first commercial automatic AVM solution
  • Lucent Sky AVM introduces On-demand servicing – a one-time AVM deployment on a private and secure SaaS architecture
  • Releases Lucent Sky AVM Enterprise – a subscription edition made 12 times faster than Lucent Sky AVM Standard through the use of GPU computing
  • Lucent Sky AVM 1.5 is released with support for Java applications and numerous features for large enterprises
  • Lucent Sky AVM has helped our customers secure 1,000 applications
  • Lucent Sky AVM 2.0 is released with support for PHP applications, as well as 2nd-generation AVM algorithms