Improve the process of securing an application

Most teams rely on a lengthy back and forth between multiple stakeholders to remove even the simplest vulnerabilities.

Lucent Sky AVM streamlines the process by providing a seamless and scalable process of removing vulnerabilities.

The results of Lucent Sky AVM's proprietary analysis and remediation algorithms identify vulnerabilities, and generate and insert code-based remediation that fix them. These remediation are contextually generated for each individual vulnerability and can optionally be automatically inserted into code. Instant Fixes are not just suggestions - they functionally fix the vulnerability at the source.

IT professionals, security officers and developers are all aware of the time lost during the shuttling of source code between development and security testing.

Our clients and partners estimate that code travels between developers and security teams upwards of five times before each release. With Lucent Sky AVM, code can soar through security testing and be deployed faster - without the back and forth.

Lucent Sky AVM secures applications as they are built

Most organizations are in a constant state of catch up. The raw number of vulnerabilities increases over time, and organizations are forced to release applications with security deficiencies or to delay releases.

Lucent Sky AVM:

  • is the only solution that provides automatic code-based remediation, "Instant Fixes", to common security vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and privacy violations;
  • includes industry-standard security libraries such as ESAPI and WPL, as well as customizable security libraries;
  • is built for use by application developers and security experts alike;
  • tightly integrates with the software development lifecycle. Efficiently secure applications without changing your current workflow or development tools;
  • updates monthly to support new frameworks and the latest technology stacks that your teams are using.

Streamline and integrate vulnerability remediation

Remediate common source code vulnerabilities in 3 steps:

  1. Upload source code to Lucent Sky AVM cloud instance, on-premise server or appliance unit.
  2. Lucent Sky AVM uses multi-stage hybrid analysis to scan source code and binary files to identify vulnerabilities and their context, then use proprietary mitigation algorithms to generates "Instant Fixes", source code replacements that remediate vulnerabilities.
  3. Instant Fixes can be reviewed individually before inserted to source code. They can also be applied in-bulk so applications can be sent to testing and deployment right away.