Most developers and security engineers don't have enough time to remediate vulnerabilities found in applications.
Lucent Sky AVM enhances the code quality of .NET, Java, mobile applications, and APIs by systematically removing vulnerabilities.
Lucent Sky AVM provides code-based Instant Fixes for vulnerabilities in OWASP Top 10, PCI-DSS, and SANS Top 25.

Lucent Sky AVM removes process hurdles by automating the labor intensive parts of the remediation process.

Intelligent algorithms automatically generate Instant Fixes as vulnerabilities are identified. They can be used to remediate vulnerabilities immediately after a scan.

Lucent Sky AVM accelerates and scales the remediation process. Learn how to bring secure coding and automated vulnerability remediation into the SSDLC in this case study.

Lucent Sky AVM helped us fix all vulnerabilities from three websites in eight minutes, which usually takes a small team of developers three to four weeks.
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