Lucent Sky AVM 5.0.1 is a maintenance release, including minor features and improvements that were planned but were not shipped as part of v5.0, as well as several hotfixes for web UI and IDE plug-ins.

Updates in Lucent Sky AVM 5.0.1 include:

  • Native MSBuild - .NET applications are compiled using the managed .NET compilers provided by the Microsoft.Build.BuildEngine class. As MSBuild is now maintained separately from .NET Framework, the BuildEngine class lacks support for the latest language features such as those came with C# 7.0. In earlier versions of Lucent Sky AVM, these new language features were supported through the use of system-wide compiler-override. Starting with v5.0.1, you can specify the application to be compiled using the latest MSBuild and compilers available on the system, by setting the MSBuild to native.
  • XML report improvements - Additional information about files in a scan, such as which files were scanned by which analysis engines, were added to the XML report. The XML report schema is unchanged. To include these information in the HTML or PDF report, use an XSL template to access the Report\Scan\Files elements.
  • UI improvements and bug fixes - Several improvements and bug fixes for web UI and Visual Studio extension were included.

If you are using Lucent Sky AVM Enterprise, Standard or Test Edition (either on-premise or cloud) and have an active subscription or maintenance agreement, you can update to Lucent Sky AVM 5.0.1 immediately. Our support team will reach out to you shortly to schedule an update. If you are using Lucent Sky AVM On-Demand, your server will be updated to Lucent Sky AVM 5.0.1 in the next few days.

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